Tuesday, December 12, 2006


"Yes?", could be the translation for what the strange guy is saying. "May I help you?"

Like this, I have started a new story. I always wanted to start a story with a question posed with the character asking it looking at the readers, as if he's asking it to them. It's like you're entering this new story, and that's the reason the character is opening a door to welcome us and ask us what do we want.

After all, what do you want when you start a new story?

Are we ready for a new story, or we just want more of the same? Do we know what to expect before entering, or it's out of curiosity that we start every journey? All is considered when one must start a story, be it the artist, the storyteller or the reader.

And then we start it and we discover it to be completely different from what we expected.

Do we continue, then?

That's how I wanted to finish the first chapter of this new story, asking the character, and the reader, if they'll continue on the path that was open for her.

So I ask the question on the last panel of the first chapter:

"Are you in?"

This story will appear on the second volume of De:TALES.


Sail said...

Yes, I'm in!

v said...

Thats a good idea, no , a GREAT idea!, Oh man i havent done a short story for so long...

"After all, what do you want when you start a new story?"

I dont know... I haven't done one of mine for so long hehe. It' a good question, so good i don't know the answer... I'll get back to you, now i'm puzzled!
Exellent work as always my friend.

Unknown said...

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