Friday, February 25, 2005

The Call.

We're always waiting for the call. One that will change your life, that will make your day. Maybe just one that will pay the bill.

We're always waiting.

I guess the most important call is the one that tells you what you really want. This moment of revelation might not be per se a single moment, but it eventually happens and, when it does, you'll see everything else differently.

Some people tell me we'll see everything green. I'd prefer blue, or even a very delicate pink (on a waving elegant just-above-the-knee skirt wore by a pretty girl). The point is, you'll be more focused, you will have found your path, your yellow brick road.

So your call came and you found your way. Now what?

That's what I'm constantly trying to find out, and there's where the great joy of life is: finding it, every day.

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