Friday, February 18, 2005

San Francisco weekend.

If you're going to San Francisco this weekend for Wondercon, make sure you stop by the Terra Major booth, which will be manned by Brian Scot Johnson of They'll have Roland (our first mini-series in the States), Hattin, Takeyama, Prey... and even some ROCK'n'ROLL! And for those curious of things to come, there'll be xeroxes of one of the new stories from the first ever Terra Major anthology (featuring the all star cast of artists from Terra Major, us included). Don't miss it.

Of course, don't forget to visit the AiT booth as well. If you still didn't get Ursula, they'll have it, and I'm sure that, if you're nice, Larry could show you some Smoke and Guns pages.

Have a good San Francisco weekend.


So, as it seems, there won't be a AiT booth at Wondercon. But Larry (Young, you know, the guy making comics better) will attend the show as a fan. He'll hang around the Terra Major booth since he and Brian are pals, so if you want to bump into him and ask him about Smoke and Guns, that's your starting point. And, since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you a secret password when you come across Larry: ask him about "kra-ka-pow".

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