Thursday, February 24, 2005

Get together.

I think it's great when artists can get together. More most of the time, we stay in our dungeon, trapped in our little world, with pages to do and stories to tell. Too soon and too easily we forget there's life outside our thick walls, and meeting with the rest of the world, especially the rest of the comics world, is always refreshing and interesting.

Yesterday, my brother and I gave a lecture about comics together with our other comic book brothers, Bruno and Kako. The four of us worked together on ROCK'n'ROLL! last year, and we're already working on something new. It's always great fun too watch us get together, the exchange of very useless knowledge and sharp dry jokes, and swearing. And we always start by mentioning the guy who was our first comic book teacher and the place where we first met. His name is Domingos Takeshita (or Tak), and Ursula is dedicated to him because he was the first who would encourage every one of us to create a dream and follow it wherever it may take you.

Yesterday, Tak went to see us speak at the lecture, and we all got together to tell jokes, laugh and swear a lot. and the night was young after the lecture was over, so on we continued into the nearest bar, and away we drank into the night.

It was lovely.

But now I have a problem. Now I want to see all my comic book friends who I haven't seen in some time. Maybe I should see what's up with this whole "Rann/Tanaghar war" by asking my friends Ivan Reis and Marc Campos if they are having fun with that interstellar action.

First, I need to finish the Will Eisner tribute page, which, as I mentioned before, changed completely from my first idea, mainly because my brother Ba's idea was so great. All for the best, in the end.

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