Friday, February 18, 2005

Dream of the stolen painting.

Smoke and Guns panel.

This week, I mostly did comics. It's always refreshing to be able to work so much on the pages, not be driven away for some illustration work, or for any other of the thousands of things we usually have to do eventually.

I had a dream about going to the comic book convention. the airport looked more like a train station, and I seemed to be trying to run away with some important piece of fine arts, probably a painting. I don't know by whom, but it was a big deal, since the terrorists appeared in my dream trying to steal it. Right at that point, I noticed I had a gun in my hand and, as I'm sure many of you would do (in your dreams, of course), I started fighting the terrorists.

I ended up getting caught by the terrorists, but I hid the painting. Im smart like that, and much more clever than those stupid terrorists. The strange thing is that the one terrorist that caught me was a beautiful woman.

That's what I get for drawing girls with guns day after day.

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