Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Exciting ideas.

I've been drawing Smoke and Guns like crazy. If there's one good thing about doing a story is the joy of creating, page after page, the events only you saw on the script.

Okay, maybe the editor also saw the script, the writer should did, even before it was written I guess, but you get my point. The artist is the one providing life to this idea we're all very excited about.

And we are all very excited about Smoke and Guns.

Sometime between this week and the next, I have a one page story in tribute to Will Eisner to do for this magazine. I already have the idea and did the thumbnail, but sometimes I let the thumbnail (or the idea) sit distant for some days and see if I like them when I get back to it after a little time. Maybe I can have a better idea, and maybe I can fall in love even more for the idea I already had. We'll see.

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