Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The amazon challenger

Yeyé Agudelo lives in East Hampton, NY, and sent a picture of her Daytripper book, which she ordered through Amazon. As you can see in this black and white picture I included to go along with the picture she sent, she's friends with Ana Cristina, one of our earlier challengers, and we had met them both at NYCC last october, but since at that time they were disguised as Umbrella Academy kids, it took us a little while to put two and two together here. I look at their pictures in NYCC and the pictures they sent us and them I start to think if only a mask can really change somebody's face and appearance so much as to protect their secret identity.

What do you think?


Cunningham said...

I once wrote a line in a story where a cop is talking to his partner after interviewing witnesses to a crime foiled by a masked vigilante...

"You get anything useful?"

"Nah, everyone was too busy looking at the mask to remember any details."

Ben said...

I wear very distinctive glasses, and without them I have been able to go unrecognized, occasionally for extended periods. Once, very briefly, in spite of my long blonde horse-mane mohawk and curly waxed mustache. So it's a definite possibility.

Ana said...

OHH!!! well done! you got us!
That day at the NYCC Yeyé an me were joking about our secret identity. We said that we could commit a crime, running a few yards and then taking our masks off. That really would have worked, no one would recognize us. haha!

Unknown said...

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