Friday, February 25, 2011

Out of the ordinary challengers

We had an incredibly diverse week here at the Daytripper Challenge centre, receiving letters from all over. Some of them included details or stories of the wheres and the hows and I'll do my best to incorporate it in here somehow.

Rémi Gérard-Marchant sent his picture from Paris. He ordered it online, so he decided that the perfect setting for a picture would be in front of the Centre Pompidou because, in his own words, "it would be perfect to have a contemporary art-form together with a contemporary art centre". It made for a really graphic picture, and the blue on the pipes goes really well along with the blue on the cover.

Andreas (on the left) and Sebastian are brothers and they ordered it online through Andreas had to wait 23 days for his copy to arrive to Sweden, so he already read it several times to make up for lost time, and then he made his brother read it as well (as a form of punishment?) and now they agree it's one of the best comics they've ever read. I like when brothers agree on something.

Rana is still waiting for her copy of the Graphic Novel, but decided to take a picture in front of Mega-City Comicon, in Camden Town, with her copy of issue 10 of the mini-series. Good luck with your mini-series, Rana, and continue to have fun doing comics.

Melissa Evans lives in Adelaide, Australia, where she said that every comic book store in town (there are three) had sold out of Daytripper. She made a reservation on one of the stores for the next batch of books, to make sure she wouldn't miss another chance.
The day came and she got her copy at Pulp Fiction Comics (and she wanted to mention that she would like to thanks Adelaide Comics Centre too, because she bought the single issues of Daytripper there, and that's where she buys most of her collection), but you'll notice in her picture she's holding two copies of the book, so there's another story to go along with the second copy.

She bought a second copy to give away, and not to a friend, but to a total stranger as an out of the ordinary act. Quite the romantic. As she wandered around her small city, she found this young man sitting under a tree, eating his lunch. She went to him, said hi, he said hello back. When asked, he told her he didn't read comics (which is what she was hoping for), so she asked if he would consider reading one and, when he accepted, she said "Well, I have a comic for you" and gave him the second Daytripper book.
He asked if she was the author.
"No, it's just a really great story and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it", she answered. They both smiled, he said thanks, and she left, leaving me (yes, me) and everybody reading this curious to find out what will the mystery stranger guy find of the book he so kindly got.

Here's the picture of the stranger. I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

It's great to see our books in places we've never been. It's the power of stories. Hopefully, one day I'll go to Sweden, Australia, or back to London or Paris. For now, as long as my books get to travel, I'm happy.
And thankful.


melloncatis said...

If I bump into this mystery stranger again I will be sure to ask him what he thought of the book, and let you know!
I also ended up giving my copy to my best friend... So looks like I'll have to go get another!

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