Saturday, February 12, 2011

The first challenger

Some times we get more than we asked for.
As this week saw the release in book stores of the Daytripper trade (that has been available in comic book stores since Febuary 2nd), we decided to have a little fun and we made our Daytripper Challenge video, inviting people to take a picture of themselves at the place they found and got the book and email it to us. We would put these pictures here on the blog.
Fun, right?
Well, we got our first picture.
It came from the Philippines!

Danry Ocampo took this picture on his local comics store, PlanetXComics at the Trinoma Mall. I have never been to the Trinoma Mall or anywhere else in the Philippines, but it's great to see our books have crossed oceans and one very distant fan got us really excited sending us a picture. And how cool is it to see a copy of Casanova:GULA #2 on the shelves behind him? It's a bonus.

Thanks, Danry.

Well, who's next?


Norby Ela said...

alright! go, Danry! i suppose to get a copy last week, but my local store got shorthanded of copies of Daytripper. but, they told me that my copy will come next week. however, i did get your Casanova Luxuria TPB yesterday. :-)

Fábio Moon said...

Thanks, Norby. I hope you enjoy Casanova as well. It's crazy!

Unknown said...

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