Monday, February 21, 2011

The Buddy challenger

The Daytripper Challenge continues. We're happy that our book is getting in everybody's hands, and we're thrilled people keep sending us pictures.

Jeremy Holt sent us his multi-picture-tale of how he got is copy of Daytripper via, and that he was greeted with it by his girlfriend and their dog, Buddy. As he tells on his email, Buddy is also a great fan of the story and hears it with great attention as Jeremy reads it out loud on the sofa. As the picture show continues, Jeremy reminds us that he also met us in NYCC, where we gave him great advice about self publishing and creator owned comics. I'm happy to see that the interaction with fans and creators in conventions is still a great way to keep people inspired and hungry for more.

Back to work around here. I just finished a new cover, and now I'm on my way to do another one. Bá is making some magic on his new Casanova pages, but there are so much to do that it might be a few days before we have enough time to post again.


Gustavo Vitarelli de Queiroz said...

Parabéns pelo Sucesso!!

Mark Kardwell said...

I didn't even know Gok Wan reads comics!

James Figueiredo said...

Parabéns pelo sucesso, Daytripper merece cada fã e cada elogio que receber!

A propósito, achei um review MUITO bacana do livro de vocês no YouTube, dêem uma olhada quando puderem: